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RPO Buying Guide: How do you spot a good RPO from a great one?


One team, one vision | The Morson approach to outsourcing

Raconteur believe that outsourcing is set to boom after large layoffs at companies like Google and Meta. Downsizing is an attractive prospect during times of economic uncertainty, but it also leaves companies with resource gaps. Outsourcing companies will be eager to...

Do you know what you’re looking for when it comes to buying an RPO solution? Travel through the RPO buying journey with RPOne, powered by Morson, and Rowena Cooper, head of talent & resourcing at St. Modwen, as we present the RPO Buying Guide.

Your priority is sourcing the very best people in your field to ensure your business prospers. But the right RPO talent partner should help you do much more than that. As well as attracting great candidates, an RPO should help to forecast your future recruitment requirements; examine, critique and improve your job application experience; understand how you’re perceived versus your competitors and find candidates that seamlessly fit your culture.

COVID-19 demonstrated that the traditional RPO model is no longer fit for purpose and simply handing over the reins to an outsourced provider could be more of a hindrance than a help to your business. Instead, time should be taken to understand how an RPO’s approach will transform your organisation for the better.

Travel through the RPO buying journey with RPOne by Morson, and Rowena Cooper, head of talent & resourcing at St. Modwen, as we present the RPO Buyer’s Guide. Helping you spot a good RPO from a great one, the guide explores the five key things you should look out for in an RPO provider that show they’ll collaborate, support and flex around you, every step of the way.


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