Transform candidate assessment

Reconnect with audiences who have tuned out of traditional recruitment messages.

Talent DNA gives organisations and candidates greater control over the application process. Via the app clients can create behavioural, health and safety, critical thinking and skills/challenge-based assessments which can be accessed by candidates in their own time via smartphone.

Using app-based assessment has a number of benefits:

Candidate experience

Deliver a high-quality candidate experience via an innovative, self-serve and customisable tech platform.

Increase engagement

Engage tech-savvy candidates who may be put off by traditional recruitment methods. With instant pass/fail scoring candidates know instantly if they are successful or not, increasing engagement with individuals progressing to the next stage.

Professional development

The information collated can form the basis of future professional development plans and analyse attrition based on behaviours to pinpoint issues.

Talent DNA optimises the typical applicant journey from 4-10 weeks to only 25 minutes to complete


our clients experience up to a 50% increase in success from interview to offer


using app based assessment methods speeds up the recruitment process by up to 75%


Optimise the typical applicant journey

Smart phone based

Skills assessments including numerical, verbal, critical thinking, personality tests & coding

Instant candidate feedback

Book a chat with a recruiter

Customisation per organisation


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