An original series uncovering squiggly career journeys, unexpected opportunities, professional pivots, work/life challenges & successes, to showcase that there is no such thing as a ‘typical career path’.

Welcome to ‘PathFinders’


The jack-of-all-trades astronaut

Tim Peake


Burpee’s, babies & P.E. with Joe

Joe Wicks

Fitness coach & influencer

The reality of returning to work

Kirsty Hodgson

Head of Bids, Morson

Neuro-psychologist, techpreneur & DJ

Dr Penny Trayner


Football pro to CAD technician

James Baillie

CAD technician

RAF fighter jets to project planning

Martin Goodwin

Project manager

Teaching to engineering

Becky Veal

Engineering consultant

Batmam: a career in ecology

Julie Dyson


A big brand & a baby

Seb Heeley

Co-owner & master-distiller Manchester Gin Company

Apprenticeship journeys: from dad to DevOps

Tawfe’eq Babou

DevOps engineer

Apprenticeship journeys: from law to engineering

Hannah Lee

Engineering apprentice

‘The best title I could win is mum’

Natasha Jonas

Miss GB: champion boxer

Back office to on-site engineering

Rozana Zyka

Civil structural engineer

Aeronautical engineering journeys 

Ikram, Sally, Ayisha & Anna

Aerospace engineers

From pilot to electrical engineer

George Naylor

Electrical engineer

Property developer to ecopreneur

Nigel Eastham

Sustainability Yard founder

How to juggle professional parenthood

Adrian Adair

Morson Group COO

Sian Whittaker

Director, Arcadis