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Morson named as a finalist in the British Ex-Forces in Business Awards


​Morson Forces, our dedicated ex-forces recruitment division, has been recognised twice in the British Ex-Forces in Business Awards!

The British Ex-Forces in Business Awards are the world’s largest celebration of military veterans in second careers. The prestigious annual programme event uncovers the achievements of ex-military personnel, presenting them as important role models for current and future service leaders.

The awards highlight the military-gained skills and values that have helped enable their second career success and recognise the organisations that have supported them. Over 600 nominations were received in 2021, a record number.

Morson is shortlisted in the categories of Military Values in Business and Ex-Forces Initiative of the Year.

Pat McMullan: British Ex-Forces in Business Awards, Military Values in Business

The Military Values in Business Award recognises a former serviceman or woman, or a military partner, who has created successful business results and advanced their career by exhibiting and applying military virtues and values to their role and activities. 

Judges look for specific examples of how military values and ethos, honed during the applicant’s time in the armed forces or as a military partner, were deployed in business scenarios to strong effect, generating results that were tangible for the organisation or praised and recognised by others for the positive effect they had.

Pat McMullan joined the RAF in 1978 in a personnel/HR role, overseeing a variety of services including junior administration across a range of airbases including RAF Marham and RAF High Wycombe, and spent 11 years working in Germany. 

Since 2013, Pat McMullan has been the driving force behind Morson’s ability to channel ex-military personnel into new roles that benefit from the attributes and values they learned during their time in service. His role in this has seen hundreds, if not thousands, of retired service people, start a new chapter of their lives.

Furthermore, Pat has been influential in developing Morson’s reputation as the key recruitment group able to support ex-military personnel in this way. He’s achieved this through his ongoing commitment to developing partnerships with military organisations that share his passion for ensuring the key skills ex-armed forces people possess continue to be honed and developed once they have left their post.

Pat’s own military background feeds directly into our Group-wide purpose to support ex-military personnel into roles within the sectors we specialise. Many of our clients work in the aerospace, marine and nuclear industries, others are in manufacturing, engineering and construction; all require specialist and niche skillsets that come naturally to many ex-armed forces individuals, which any recruiter should be able to identify. However, they also require a certain set of values that a civilian recruiter with no military experience would find harder to spot. It’s here where Pat excels; able to perfectly understand the intricate challenges of a client working in the aerospace or marine sectors, Pat is able to identify fit-for-purpose candidates that can seamlessly slot into a business needing to scale up at pace, with the relevant experience.  

Pat has forged a series of strategic relationships on Morson’s behalf to ensure we‘re positioned as the leading recruiter of ex-military personnel, including with the Careers Transition Partnership (CTP).

Formerly contracted with the armed forces to transition ex-military individuals back into employment, we now work closely with the CTP, supporting their recruitment events to encourage people to consider alternative roles after they have left post. Through his development and nurturing of the partnership, Pat has been integral to us being awarded Official Employer Status with the CTP, meaning we now career manage ex-forces individuals into employment for our various clients.

In 2017, Morson was also among the winners of the Employer Recognition Scheme (ERS) Gold Award, the Ministry of Defence’s highest badge of honour for organisations that have signed the Armed Forces Covenant and demonstrated outstanding support for those who serve and have served.

It would be impossible to ignore the contribution Pat has made to our business in his role. Consistently exhibiting and applying military virtues and values to his role and activities, he is an example to other ex-service personnel of how with dedication for working life and with a passion to help others, a military career can lead to great things away from the forces.  

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