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Lessons in Allyship from BBC Three’s I Kissed a Boy


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As Pride Month continues, companies worldwide are showing support for the LGBTQ+ community with rainbow logos and statements of allyship. However, it’s important for businesses to understand that Pride goes beyond these temporary displays. True support requires action, commitment, and an understanding of LGBTQ+ Issues. The UK’s first gay dating show, I Kissed a Boy, provides valuable lessons for businesses to improve their ED&I efforts during Pride Month and beyond.

The cast of I Kissed aBoy

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I Kissed a Boy showcases authentic representation through its diverse cast. It allows for education and awareness by giving airtime to key issues faced by the contestants. The beautiful Italian Masseria that the show is set in is a truly safe space where the contestants can be themselves. And host Danni Minogue is a true advocate for the community.

This year let’s celebrate Pride Month with authentic allyship, ensuring that equality, diversity, and inclusion are guiding principles.

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