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Revolutionising Contractor Wellbeing: Fit For Work Wins Best Contractor Innovation


Morson Group is thrilled to announce that our groundbreaking app, Fit For Work, has been awarded Best Contractor Innovation at The Contracting Awards 2023. The prestigious event, held in London on the 22nd of June, honoured the top contractor suppliers in the UK. Fit For Work is a workforce safety and well-being app, that allows individuals to connect with their employers through their smartphone. This accolade recognises the positive impact Fit For Work has made in ensuring contractors’ physical and mental safety.

Enhancing Safety Through Digital Interfaces

Fit For Work prioritises the physical safety and mental well-being of contractor workers with innovative digital interfaces and AI technology. Meaning that contractors can report risks in real-time, and access vital information using their smartphones. By placing these crucial aspects at the heart of every interaction, Fit For Work aims to improve the working environment for all contractors, regardless of their location. While many enterprise solutions focus on streamlining business processes and efficiency, Fit For Work addresses risks to workers’ health and well-being. The app focuses on the user experience, empowering distributed workers through their smartphones.

The judging panel commended Fit For Work as an interesting and impactful contractor innovation that truly makes a difference.

“A very simple, but important service, which focuses on the physical safety and mental health and wellbeing of contractors.”

Fit For Work is more than digital personal protective equipment (PPE). It is a comprehensive workforce well-being tool that grants contractors access to the protection and resources they rightfully deserve.

  • Health check-ins and surveys
  • Training delivery
  • Lone worker safety
  • Anonymous whistleblowing

The app also allows employers to monitor their workforce via a dashboard. So they can be confident that they have the right people, in the right place, at the right time. By placing people and technology at the centre, we create better environments and ways of working for our customers, enabling everyone to thrive at work.

It starts with a simple check-in

Unlock the transformative potential of Fit For Work. Learn how this innovative app can support and enhance the safety and well-being of your contractor workforce.