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Morson Maker Space & Muslamic Makers Network MCR collaborate to empower digital skills


The Morson Maker Space, Morson’s digital fabrication and innovation centre at the University of Salford technology hub has developed a new partnership with Muslamic Makers Network MCR. Supported by the Morson STEM Foundation, the aims are to foster a passion for digital skills and to promote diversity and inclusivity in a collaborative environment that enables creativity and the exploration of emerging technologies.

Muslamic Makers is a vibrant online community that connects Muslim professionals across various industries, with a particular focus on technology. Led by Arooj Shah, the MCR chapter stands as a shining example of the community’s dedication to driving positive change and exploring opportunities in the Maker Space. Arooj’s mission is to establish a strong relationship and spearhead the development of maker skills at The University of Salford, where she herself graduated from the civil engineering programme (Class of 2018 under the guidance of Neil Currie).

This collaboration showcases our shared commitment to promoting diversity, empowering individuals, and fostering a vibrant community of makers in the Greater Manchester area. The Muslamic Makers MCR and the Morson Maker Space mission is to connect and enable communities to delve into the realm of digital fabrication and unleash their creativity through this dynamic partnership.

Dr Maria Stukoff, Director at Maker Space said:

“This collaboration allows us to create an inclusive and supportive environment where individuals from all backgrounds can explore their passion for making and develop valuable digital skills.”

The first digital fabrication workshop took place in the Morson Maker Space last month and offered participants a hands-on experience in designing and creating using cutting-edge tools and technologies using laser cutters and partake in collaborative learning experiences while acquiring new skills to help shape future creative ambitions and maker skillsets.

By joining forces with Muslamic Makers Network MCR, the Maker Space aims to build a stronger and more vibrant tech community on campus and across Greater Manchester.

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