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MSP? RPO? Hybrid? How to find the right recruitment solution for you


Finding the right recruitment solution for your company can be a daunting task. There are different models and different providers, all promising to help you to find the very best candidates in your field. But how do you know which model is right for you? Choosing the right recruitment model will depend on your business requirements, goals and ambitions, so it’s important to consider exactly what you hope to achieve when choosing your talent solution

Key factors to bear in mind:

  • Scale of requirements – are these short or long-term, are you looking to recruit at pace, for a high volume, or in a niche skillset?
  • Workforce mix – do you need contractors, permanent hires or both?
  • Cost – the cost will vary based on the functionality and complexity of the recruitment model you choose, you may need to factor in TUPE costs when transferring in-house colleagues to the new supplier.
  • Collaboration – do you want to use your own hiring managers or bring in a completely outsourced team? Either way, you will need to find a provider that understands your business and will work with you to achieve your goals.
  • Compliance candidate screening, IR35 and GDPR legislation are all factors to consider carefully.

Once you’ve established your pain points it’s time to consider the different types of recruitment solutions available.

how to find the right recruitment solution

RPO: The holistic permanent hiring solution

Outsourcing your permanent worker recruitment to a Recruitment Process Outsource (RPO) provider can be a game-changer if you are looking to completely offload your hiring worries. An RPO is the complete, or part, outsourcing of the recruitment function for permanent workers. An RPO provider should act as an extension of your company, sitting on-site and providing a holistic recruitment solution.


Benefit from cost savings, process consistency, and direct market sourcing capabilities. With an on-site team, you’ll experience better engagement and understanding of your company’s needs as well as increased workforce planning opportunities. A shorter time-to-hire and consistent candidate experiences are added advantages.


You need to find an RPO partner that you can trust to become one with your organisation. As your RPO partner will become part of your business, you need to find one whose values align with yours. You’ll need to take the time to get to know one another properly in order to achieve the best possible outcome.

Our thoughts

RP01, is our take on the RPO model, it offers a complete talent solution that wraps around your brand, today, tomorrow and in the future. Our talent and optimisation teams seamlessly impart our expertise into businesses to help recruit niche skills, create diverse, engaged candidate pipelines, control supply chain quality and reduce costs, remove the burden of HR, source niche skills and manage processes with intelligence and data.

MSP / Master Vendor: Managing the entire contingent workforce

If managing your contractor workers is a challenge, a Managed Service Provision (MSP) / Master Vendor model is the model for you. A Master Vendor solution is where a single supplier provides over 75% of all roles across your business. An MSP manages the entire temporary worker recruitment process and is responsible for the end-to-end management of the contingent workforce. This means that utilising a master vendor is one of the most cost-efficient ways for a business to manage its contractors


By entrusting a single supplier with your temporary roles, you can consolidate invoicing, ensure a consistent candidate experience, and benefit from economies of scale. With one point of contact, you’ll experience efficient supply chain management and have full visibility of your contractor workforce, making it much easier to demonstrate compliance with regulations such as IR35.


Relying on a single supplier can be seen as a risk, and your supply chain options may be limited.

Our thoughts

At Morson, we believe in a holistic, cooperative approach, a new standard of MSP. Our end-to-end solution optimises every aspect of the hiring process. With Morson as your MSP, you’ll have an expert on hand to find the right people for every type of role, from white and blue-collar, specialist technical staff to office support. But more than that, together we’ll have a bird’s eye view of your talent, allowing us to keep spend consistent, track trends within your workforce, build diverse teams, and forecast and prepare for future issues and opportunities. It’s a collaboration that fuses your ambitions, objectives and intelligence with our talent expertise and market knowledge.

Thanks to our market intelligence, industry-leading technology, collaborative approach, our MSP solutions can support your business through the uncertainty of Brexit, the challenge of diversifying your workforce, legislative changes, fulfilling local employment quotas, and any other tests you might face.

Hybrid: The model built around you

When traditional models don’t meet your specific requirements, a Hybrid model comes into play. Increasingly common in the recruitment marketplace are hybrid models. These come about where a traditional model does not fulfil the client’s requirements. The most common form of hybrid model we see is a master vendor solution for white-collar requirements, alongside a neutral vendor solution covering all blue-collar requirements.


Hybrid models can tailor a mix of solutions to create a more complete service delivery. As a result you’ll enjoy the benefits of a partner ethos, more innovation, and sharing of best practices across the different


Having a bespoke recruitment solution created may take time and can incur extra costs, depending on the partner you choose. Equally, managing a hybrid model can be complex for your hiring managers.

Our thoughts

A tailored recruitment solution is our bread and butter. We love solving clients intricate challenges, getting under the hood of your talent strategies, processes, people and culture to cost save, optimise and transform. We’ll join you not just as your recruiter, but as your strategic partner. Your people are your most valuable tool, and we hire to make an impact. Coupling our market intelligence with your ambitions, we can forecast, advise, and set a course for your success.

Neutral Vendor: The best model for technology & supplier management

For a comprehensive technology and supplier management recruitment solution, a Neutral Vendor (NV) model is ideal. An NV is a single management company that provides technology and supplier management but does not supply directly to the client. A truly neutral vendor must engage with the supply chain to succeed in delivering against all client requirements.


By engaging with the supply chain, NVs ensure your requirements are met. This model allows you to focus on stakeholder management, avoid commercial conflicts, and benefit from an overarching technology platform.


Time to hire may be increased, and there could be a potential cost increase. Businesses should also be mindful of over-reliance on tech when it comes to placing people.

Our thoughts

We understand that so many of your bigger strategic goals are linked to talent. Thanks to our market intelligence, industry-leading technology, and collaborative approach, we can support your business in whatever challenges you might face. Our talent technology Vencuro was built by recruiters, for hiring managers. Vencuro combines business intelligence with our deep understanding of recruitment to eliminate common recruitment issues and business frustrations.

Vencuro’s four customisable modules underpin the entire recruitment process, providing full visibility and complete control of candidate attraction, hiring, onboarding and data capture.

Vencuro is used by more than 100 clients to payroll thousands of contractors without error, auto-anonymise CVs, ensure compliance with IR35, GDPR and Modern Slavery Act regulations and capture expenses efficiently and access business-critical data at the touch of a button.

Total Talent Solution: The single solution for contract & perm

Do you find it challenging to manage both permanent and contingent recruitment? A Total Talent Solution combines the best of both worlds. Combining the NV and RPO models a Total Talent Solution offers a single managed solution that covers both permanent and contingent recruitment.


With dedicated talent communities and a single technology solution, you can streamline your hiring process to find cost efficiencies. Enjoy the benefits of total talent analytics, an integrated process, and an optimised supply chain. A Total Talent Solution can enhance candidate experience, improve employee value proposition, and attract quality talent with a complete candidate journey managed from start to end.


Relying on a single source of talent may limit the talent pools you have access to. Keep in mind that a single-talent solution can also be a single point of failure.

Our thoughts

Don’t let hiring challenges hold you back. Remember, there is no one-size-fits-all recruitment solution and what works for one business may not be right for you. We’ve been in the talent market for over 50 years. Whether you have specific hiring challenges or simply want to achieve growth, we can help.

Working with Morson, you’ll benefit from the combined intelligence of our 1,000 people working across the globe, using state-of-the-art hiring technology, and constantly innovating to provide unparalleled service.

Contact Director Sam Menelaou, to find out how Morson can solve your recruitment challenges. Our team of experts is ready to work with you to provide a bespoke recruitment solution to enable your business to thrive.