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RPO: the solution to HR woes?


Human resources is the beating heart of a business when it comes to talent procurement. They know the values and ethos to look out for in a person when hiring and they know how much labour is needed in line with business demand, all year round.

As people teams continue to work tirelessly to rise to the challenges and demands of a COVID-19 reality, they may now find themselves facing a sudden spike in applications and a lack of time – and resource – to effectively assess this increasing number of candidates and subsequently appoint the best talent for each role.

RPO – recruitment process outsourcing, when a company transfers all or part of its recruitment to an external provider – perfectly plugs this gap and offers a huge window of opportunity for businesses and HR teams in this position.

HR leaders know of RPO and the benefits it can bring to a business, but find that most solutions are mass market; a blanket approach. For an RPO to work effectively, it should be adapted to suit businesses of all scales, through a custom-fit solution tailored to accelerate a company’s specific ambitions.

RPO empowers organisations to streamline processes and scale in line with demand through well-crafted recruitment and candidate experiences. As a business changes and grows, so too does its RPO. Adapting your internal recruitment processes in line with demand can become a major cost drain on a business, and as a knock-on effect, can make the candidate experience disjointed. This, the impact of COVID-19 on people teams and various legislative and governance pressures, make RPO an increasingly sought-after solution as companies look to protect and enhance their greatest asset – their people.

The right RPO partner can revolutionise a business and its goals, creating lasting value and competitive advantage. From brand conceptualisation and talent attraction, to inclusion and retention strategies, we curate custom-fit RPO solutions in partnership with businesses of all scales.

Our own RPO offer naturally evolved over time by spotting a need with clients for a flexible approach that could scale up and down and instil confidence to customers that they have an external team who can naturally slot into their own, and hit the ground running when needed.

We’ve had numerous comments from RPO clients that our offer is truly unique, as we completely bespoke the contract and outputs to the clients’ needs – short and long-term. Most other providers offer a blanket approach, but actually, this leads to a one size fits no-one outcome. A talent provider with an RPO should add a special touch to your business’s distinctive elements.

When implemented effectively, our RPO will help you control and reduce typical recruitment costs while hiring a higher quality of talent. You can manage the entire process in partnership with us, using intelligent data which better informs decision making and receive a whole suite of value-added services, such as access to our mental health and wellbeing resources, training and qualifications, and a dedicated team who’ll explore and improve your employer brand.

It isn’t just recruiters and senior experts who form part of your team when you use Morson’s RPO – our own in-house HR specialists have been delivering this service to client teams and workers for years. They know your pain points and how to overcome them. They’re accountable to you, are able to scale with you and are ambitious about your business on your behalf.

Our advice? Talk to us.

We’ll listen to your recruitment concerns and ambitions, and create a bespoke RPO solution that’s fitted around the shape of your business. It could be a blended mix of your team and ours to increase your resource, or fully outsourced to us, giving you complete peace of mind. With a Morson RPO, the options are endless, but they are always built around you.

To find out more, don’t hesitate to contact myself at or find out more about about our boutique RPO solution RPOne here

About the author

​With 19 years’ industry experience, Adrian Adair drives Morson Group’s diversification into new markets and transformation into a global specialist in permanent and interim talent-based solutions.

In 2019 Adrian was placed on the SI Staffing 100 list which recognises men and women who are charting a course into the future of workforce solutions. Adrian has a commitment to true inclusion and facilitated the Morson partnership with the Girls’ Network and is a Northern Power Women role model.