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Labour trends report: Where has all the talent gone?


What do Jimmy Fallon, Lizzo and McDonalds have in common? 

They’ve all been accused of creating a toxic workplace environment for their staff, and they’re not the only ones. Almost 30% of employers have reported an increase in employee grievances over the last two years, according to a survey carried out by XpertHR.  In an...

Demystifying Managed Service Provision (MSP) in Recruitment

Contingent workers, including contractors, temps, and service providers (SoW), are becoming an increasingly important part of workforces around the world. With the rise of flexible and remote working we’ve also seen a boom in the contingent labour market and...

For the first time since records began vacancies in the UK are outstripping the number of people seeking work.

Vacancies reached 1.3 million in February-April 2022, 499,000 more than pre-pandemic levels. Labour shortages are becoming a persistent feature of the market and the expected post-pandemic rush back into the office hasn’t happened. Competition for talent is fierce at the moment as employers face new challenges including:

  • rising economic inactivity
  • inflation
  • candidate expectations of their employers

In this labour trends report, we look at some of the causes of this tight labour market,
discuss the impact on businesses and employees, and consider what employers can do to attract talent in this challenging climate.