Returning to work after maternity leave: expectations vs reality

Returning to work after maternity leave is daunting for many mums. There’s the inevitable anxiety about leaving your baby, coupled with the worry that you may have forgotten how to do your job, or that things have changed while you’ve been away. On top of that you’ll be balancing your new role as a parent with work responsibilities, and all on very little sleep.

The number of UK mothers in work has reached the highest level in 20 years. Families where both parents work full-time are also on the rise. More than three-quarters of mothers with dependent children are currently in work. So, employers are increasingly working to improve the support they offer for working parents. However, research by Werklabs and SIA has found a considerable gap between parents’ expectations and companies’ offerings. By far, the largest gaps are in making working parents feel included and supported. More than 80% of workers said feeling included is important, but only 43% of managers gave high ratings to their companies’ capabilities in that area.

We spoke to Morson Talent’s Head of bids, Kirsty Hodgson about her return to work this month after becoming a first-time mum last year. Kirsty discusses the importance of maintaining connections with her team, the need for flexible working for both parents and the positive impact of role models in the workplace who demonstrate what working parents can achieve when they have the right support.

To read the full interview and find out more about what employers can do to support working parents visit the Morson Talent blog.

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