Untap possibility with the complete talent solution

A complete talent solution that wraps around your brand, today, tomorrow and for the future.

Our Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) offer is brought to you by our standalone brand, RP01.  Through RP01 we deliver more than a talent solution, we optimise your entire recruitment process.

We understand that so many of your strategic goals are linked to talent. RP01 enables organisations of all scales to reach true talent potential. We take care of peaks and flows in demand, reduce costs, identify niche talent, build talent brands to attract the best people, manage HR requirements and use data to inform hiring decisions with services that flex with your specific needs.

We become one with your organisation, curating talent solutions that understand the nuances of your business, flex with your requirements and truly succeed for you.

Welcome to RP01, your partner to the possible.

Placing your ambitions at our heart, we become one with your organisation.

With truly embedded expert teams, solutions, and experiences, we listen, collaborate, engage, shape and solve, enabling you to hire, transform and captivate. Explore our range of services and solutions.


Agile resourcing, delivering great talent, flexing to meet demand. We offer four levels of RPO depending on where you need hiring support:

  • Enterprise RPO | Outsource everything
  • Specialist RPO | Outsource specialist requirements
  • Project RPO | Talent on demand for peaks and troughs
  • Grow RPO | Complete support for start-up and scale up’s

Data and insight to optimise, HR and vetting solutions to transform.

  • Data and market intelligence | Take control of costs, talent pipelines and processes
  • HR Outsourcing | Experts to manage HR processes, employee experience and legal compliance
  • Vetting & screening | Eliminate the time and burden of pre-employment vetting

Campaigns to inspire, journeys to include.

  • Talent branding | We bring your story to life & captivate your audience
  • EDI Consultancy | Attract diverse talent, improve/create inclusive cultures and identify barriers to inclusion


Solve talent challenges, untap possibility.

Recruitment Process Outsourcing is the full outsourcing of your talent acquisition function. In a challenging talent market, the RPO is proving a resilient and flexible solution for many employers. Built around their needs RPO solutions take the headache away from securing the best talent for an organisation.

Our talent and optimisation teams seamlessly impart our expertise into organisations to help recruit niche skills, create diverse, engaged candidate pipelines, control supply chain quality and reduce costs, remove the burden of HR, source niche skills and manage processes with intelligence and data.

Across sectors and delivering to a wide variety of businesses, RP01’s agility and understanding the needs of the end client enable success.

RP01 gets to know your business and your people, integrating with your internal talent strategies, to manage and support your end-to-end recruitment processes and care for and elevate your brand.

We become one with your organisation, placing your aspirations at our heart.

Every element of, and interaction with, our Recruitment Process Outsourcing solution is underpinned by 3 promises, communication, expertise and collaboration.

Our values deliver not only business success but an unrivalled RPO experience.


We understand how important internal and external communication is to your brand and the success of an RPO solution.

We communicate with purpose using an EAST framework to ensure your internal and external audiences are informed and engaged.

As custodians of your brand every individual who works on your account will embody your visual and verbal language, overseen by a team of communication experts.


Our expertise goes beyond our unrivalled sector knowledge, trusted relationships and highly skilled experts.

We sit harmoniously within your business to truly embed ourselves into your operations and add real value through this first-hand visibility and knowledge.

As experts in our field we will solve your challenges or know someone who can. We are problem solvers and solutions providers, allowing you to focus on what you do best.


Our approach is consultative and insight-driven; we are here to help you to make the right decisions, deliver strategic impact and care for your brand.

We integrate with your internal talent strategies, listening and understanding in order to suggest and implement the right solutions which will enable you to achieve your ambitions.

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Talent challenges & don’t know where to start? Talk to us.

We’ve been in the talent market for over 50 years, so whether you have specific recruitment challenges or simply want to achieve growth and don’t know how to get there, we can help.