Post Office: Morson Digital Studio enhances brand with exclusive webinar

Post Office: Morson Digital Studio enhances brand with exclusive webinar

Post Office: Morson Digital Studio enhances brand with exclusive webinar

Morson Digital Studio helped enhance the Post Office’s employer brand with a speaking slot on an exclusive webinar from Bottomline and The CFO .

Morson Digital Studio helps business harness the power of digital to increase brand visibility and attract the best, most relevant talent for their organisation. In October, they secured a speaking opportunity for Post Office CFO Kathryn Sherratt on a webinar hosted by Bottomline and The CFO.

The webinar, ‘Navigating Cash Flow Visibility’, presented an effective way for the Post Office to articulate its employer brand, expertise and thought leadership capabilities and to reach the right people through a medium they were most likely to be engaging with.

Kathryn joined John Rodgers, Commercial Director at Bottomline, and Marie Andela, Finance Director at Hines, to address the hurdles financial leaders face when it comes to gaining comprehensive visibility into their organisation’s cash flow.

The trio covered the complexities arising from managing multiple banking portals, navigating disparate financial systems, and maintaining decentralised finance management across entities, and discussed both the power of data in driving financial decisions and the benefits of embracing a more agile finance system.

The compelling nature of the conversation led to high attendance, with an impressive retention rate of listeners throughout the webinar, with feedback suggesting attendees found the knowledge and insights shared by the speakers to be engaging and informative.

For the Post Office, the event also represented an opportunity to strengthen its employer brand, enhancing its reputation as a forward-thinking employer and showcasing its commitment to innovation and leadership. These outcomes were particularly important amidst recent challenges, which have led the business to focus on rebuilding confidence amongst stakeholders and the wider public and attracting top talent to usher in a period of transformation and growth.

Following the event, Kathryn commented:

​“I was delighted to participate in this webinar, which was impeccably well organised and managed. Opportunities like these are important for reaching people with specific skillsets who we know engage with this type of thought leadership content. It’s another example of how Morson helps ensures we have a voice in the right conversations, in the right places and at the right times.”

Securing airtime on webinars, podcasts and other channels is just one of the ways Morson Digital Studio provides its clients with marketing and communications support. For information on how to make your talent brand shine, get in touch with the team today by clicking here
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    Skilled, high-volume recruitment with a streamlined process

    Skilled, high-volume recruitment with a streamlined process

    Skilled, high-volume recruitment with a streamlined process

    A large European foodservice business supplying fresh, refrigerated, and frozen food products, as well as non-food products and supplies, to foodservice customers were facing increased demand for their services and needed to hire for large numbers of roles. Our vertical RPO solution was able to quickly scale to tackle the high-volume recruitment demand, using a number of channels to attract and deploy skilled workers.

    high volume recruitment

    The challenge

    With customers ranging from large leisure, pub, restaurant, hotel and contract catering groups to smaller businesses, including independent restaurants, hotels, fast food outlets, schools and hospitals, they needed an RPO that understood their needs and could deliver both HQ roles and high-volume recruitment.

    Seeking a strategic partner to implement a streamlined recruitment process while delivering highly qualified and skilled candidates, RP01 were selected as their partner of choice. Tasked to deliver a vertical RPO solution to meet their demand, RP01 also proposed bespoke digital candidate attraction solution which provided distinct added value.

    The solution

    RP01 supplied a complete resourcing service and redefined their talent strategy for HQ roles. This allowed for ‘switch on’ recruitment services for both HQ and corporate roles across the whole of the UK. The service included:


    • Immediate lead time
    • Digital candidate attraction for high volume roles
    • Dedicated talent partner
    • Support of our Morson recruitment specialists
    • Feature page hosted on
    • Social media advertising
    • Review of job specifications to maximise value positioning
    • Application of EDI best practice to all job adverts
    • Ex forces recruitment consultancy
    • Performance management of second tier and indemnifying further costs


    RP01’s bespoke vertical RPO solution completed go live in only 5 days.

    The customer benefited from a dedicated recruitment team successfully onboarded 70 candidates within 4 months, in an extremely competitive market, and had a 100% direct fill rate.

    Beyond just filling roles we supported ED&I efforts and recruitment of under-utilised talent pools such as ex-forces through a coordinated social media campaign and landing page created for ex-forces events that was accessible via QR code and led to increased applications from veterans.

    We also provided market insight around salary inflation to ensure that roles were competitive.

    Whether you’re an existing Morson client or looking to explore what a new relationship could look like, our suite of recruitment and complementary integrated services is available to businesses of all scales. From high volume recruitment to highly niche skills, Morson Group can support your people strategy and solve your challenges with our customisable service offering.

    If you have any questions, or would like to find out more, James Millward, Morson Head of Integrated Services, would love to hear from you, drop him a message at

    Tata Chemicals Europe: More than just a recruitment solution

    Tata Chemicals Europe: More than just a recruitment solution

    Tata Chemicals Europe: More than just a recruitment solution

    At Morson Group we’re proud to offer a suite of talent, consultancy and technology services that go far beyond pure-play recruitment. One of our longest-standing MSP customers, pioneers of Vencuro and users of our employer branding and screening services, Tata Chemicals Europe (TCE) have enhanced their people strategy and talent processes by curating our services to meet their specific needs.

    manchester united rpo

    The background

    Tata Chemicals Europe is one of Europe’s leading producers of sodium carbonate, salt and sodium bicarbonate. They are a world-renowned brand who maintain family-friendly values to create a secure and comfortable working atmosphere. As such their values closely align with our own allowing us to build a solid relationship based on mutual respect and understanding.

    We have had a rolling MSP contract with Tata Chemicals Europe for over 10 years. Prior to that we were one of a number of suppliers, moving to the preferred supplier responsible for servicing three sites including head office. New projects including the largest carbon capture project in Europe mean that TCE require engineers with highly sought after, niche, technical skills. We recruit for the full scope of their needs from warehouse operatives all the way through to director level.

    Not only do we support Tata with volume and niche recruitment our partnership demonstrates the possibilities created by our range of added value services…


    Ian Hull, Morson executive manager

    “We’ve been working with Tata Chemicals Europe and their hiring community for many years and our trusted relationship runs through the veins of the company. Every hiring manager knows our dedicated team on a first name basis, and while I represent Morson, I feel very much part of the TCE team.


    The diverse range of services we provide to TCE, especially around technology, candidate screening and candidate attraction, have elevated, streamlined, and optimised the business’s hiring processes. We understand the most intricate details about their business and industry and work proactively to solve their challenges, adapting and scaling our solutions to their business needs. This enables TCE to see the true value in what we do and the benefits of a strategic recruitment partner.”

    The services

    Clients can pick and choose from our wide range of talent, consultancy and technology services depending on their specific needs or challenges from outsourced hiring, vetting, HR outsourcing, to employer brand building and digital health and safety technology.

    As well as a slick managed service which gives TCE a number of business benefits such as recruitment efficiencies and cost savings, Tata Chemicals Europe take a number of Morson services which add significant value to their operations.


    Vencuro | Talent Technology

    Tata Chemicals Europe were one of the original users of our talent management system, Vencuro, providing valuable feedback during the pilot stages of its development. Vencuro gives TCE visibility of their entire recruitment process and allows them to manage the candidate journey effectively as well as reporting on their business-specific KPIs.

    Vicky Watson, Head of HR | Tata Chemicals Europe:

    “The tailored online dashboards have not only improved our performance reporting capability but also our ability to analyse the direct and indirect cost savings our Morson managed service provides. The best bit is it is so simple to use – a few clicks and we have access to all our information requirements!”

    Morson Digital Studio

    At a peak in Tata’s development, they needed to hire more contract and permanent staff for their plant in Cheshire than ever before. To help them do this, we developed a branded careers portal and produced an on-site video series with photography that told their story across a range of channels – and significantly increased applications.

    Vicky Watson, Head of HR | Tata Chemicals Europe

    The Morson recruitment portal, where candidates can access our vacancies all in one place, was a fantastic piece of work by the Morson Digital Studio team. We have linked it to our website and are constantly impressed with the traffic and brand awareness it generates.


    Vetting & Screening

    Our screening service works in sync with our MSP as we perform pre-employment DBS checks, and legal and financial checks. By combining the two services we streamline the onboarding and vetting processes to reduce admin and mitigate risk for TCE. 2

    Originally this service was only requested for permanent members of staff but has more recently been rolled out to contract workers too.


    The future

    We are incredibly proud of our longstanding relationship with TCE and the bespoke people solutions we are able to provide for them.

    Karen Lounds, Business Services Director | Tata Chemicals Europe

    “Our relationship continually improves and in recent times, Morson have supported us to develop our marketing strategy for potential applicants, as well as building a recruitment microsite for us and even helped us develop our employee health and wellbeing offer, as well as support with GDPR. 

    There are many examples where the relationship goes beyond pure recruitment.  We see them as a partner to our business.”

    For our next venture we will be providing TCE with ED&I manager training and a standardised way of capturing diversity and inclusion metrics across its business. We are also investigating the benefits that our Fit For Work contractor engagement app could provide with a custom set up and trial.

    Over the course of our 20+ year relationship, Morson and Tata Chemicals Europe have developed beyond what could be considered a standard customer/provider service. We have built a true partnership, a two-way street where information and best practices are freely shared. Continuous improvement is a focus for both our businesses, and we are able to give and receive feedback honestly allowing us provide the best possible service.

    Whether you’re an existing Morson client or looking to explore what a new relationship could look like, our suite of integrated services is available to businesses of all scales. From global brands like Tata Chemical’s Europe to SMEs and start-ups, Morson Group can support your people strategy and solve your challenges with our customisable service offering.

    If you have any questions, or would like to find out more, James Millward, Morson Head of Integrated Services, would love to hear from you, drop him a message at

    Fit for Work app: AI-powered contractor safety

    Fit for Work app: AI-powered contractor safety

    Fit for Work app: AI-powered contractor safety

    Fit for Work uses digital interfaces and AI technology to put the physical safety and mental well-being of contractor workers at the centre of digital interactions during their employment. The Morson Group first partnered with Fit for Work in 2019 to understand how they could ensure contractor safety, wherever they are and whenever they’re working.

    Frontline, remote or distributed workers don’t often usually feature in digital transformation projects, but the Fit for Work team strive to improve the working environment for everyone, everywhere, through a digital interface. And where most enterprise solutions prioritise improving business processes, concentrating primarily on efficiency or margin gains, Fit for Work focuses on a problem – major risk to physical and mental wellbeing – and the user experience, i.e. the distributed worker interacting with their smartphone.

    In 2019, Morson’s head of health and safety met with Fit for Work to explore a series of recent rail track incidents, and storyboarded a process for an app, from a user’s perspective, exploring the lifecycle of their working day and the interaction and practices they needed to remain safe and connected.

    This was rolled out across Morson’s workforce – employees, contractors and temporary staff – offering access to the protection and resources they expect and deserve. It delivers a fully compliant solution via a mobile app that runs on all smartphones, so it’s accessible to everyone in the workplace.


    Response to Covid-19

    However, in 2020, Fit for Work was given another opportunity to evolve. Before the COVID-19 pandemic, ‘PPE’ was a term generally reserved for safety critical environments, but now goes beyond the typical hard hats, boots and gloves and instead must include relevant safety training, compliance, learning and development. Fit for Work was, in turn, adapted to offer Morson clients access to an intuitive, digital system which enabled social distancing by monitoring how many people were on site at any one time, and allowed contractors to answer a series of screener questions related to COVID-19 symptoms before being granted access to site for the day.

    The Fit for Work platform was designed to solve a real problem, and it is actively solving that, but it has also been developed during the hardest two years in a generation. When COVID-19 hit, Morson was striving to offer people work, and keep their operations afloat. While clients were focused on paying the bills, Morson was able to offer them Fit for Work technology which not only brought innovation to their organisations but increased their focus on health, safety and wellbeing, while also ensuring distributed workforces remained COVID-compliant through various forms of lockdown.


    Fit for Work in Australia

    A fantastic example of delivery is with Morson’s Melbourne branch, when the onset of the COVID pandemic presented new challenges to rail contractor safety.

    Fit for Work was quickly reconfigured to safeguard against the threat of potential COVID outbreaks on client sites, with rail operatives asked a series of health, safety and wellbeing questions at the start and end of their shifts to keep them and their co-workers safe.

    Instant alerts and instructions via mobile helped operatives to make safe decisions throughout the day. With the support of Fit for Work, Morson has been able to tackle a new health and safety landscape proactively.


    • 200+ operatives protected on Melbourne’s rail infrastructure: Staff were able to check into sites safely via the mobile app and the threat of potential COVID outbreaks was proactively managed


    • 4,000+ interactions on staff health, safety and wellbeing: Remote staff reported daily on how they were feeling, helping to ensure they and their co-workers were safe and healthy


    • 180+ instant alerts to potential risks and issues on site: On average, the Fit for Work system alerted management to 2.5 potential health, safety and wellbeing risks per week

    We actively collect feedback that feeds into our product roadmap, which during the last 12 months, has resulted in two new features suggested by frontline workers and an improved onboarding experience. But the primary technical challenge we’ve solved is ensuring that anyone on any smartphone can easily interact wherever they are. Rather than iterate through improvements to the user interface, like most enterprise software, our product development strategy relies on easing adoption and enabling engagement among frontline workers.

    Together, Fit for Work and the Morson Group created the initial pilot which has rapidly evolved into the platform’s present-day offer. Fit for Work delivers a new era of safety for remote workers; we digitally connect the mobile workforce, putting their physical safety and mental wellbeing front and centre.


    To find out how Fit for Work can work for your organisation click here, or, contact app founder Stephen Reilly directly @
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    • 200+ operatives protected on Melbourne’s rail infrastructure
    • 4,000+ interactions on staff health, safety and wellbeing
    • 180+ instant alerts to potential risks and issues on site


    UK Power Networks: supporting recruitment and EDI strategies

    UK Power Networks: supporting recruitment and EDI strategies

    UK Power Networks: supporting recruitment and EDI strategies

    As part of a three-year, multi-million-pound contract, we will supply UK Power Networks with a strategic managed service provision (MSP). We’re delighted to offer our consultancy services to help UKPN source the right talent and achieve their ambitions.

    Morson will be responsible for developing an extensive and resilient talent pipeline, recruiting for roles at every level and for every division of the business. Our support will achieve cost efficiencies and improve the company’s employer and contractor value propositions.

    UK Power Networks wishes to attract candidates that are reflective of the communities it works in (London, the South East and East of England). We’ll call on our extensive EDI experience to attract more women, people of colour and those from disadvantaged backgrounds to apply for these opportunities. This will allow UKPN to level up its business and make the power and utilities market a more diverse place to work.

    Since establishing the partnership, Morson has already delivered:

    • bespoke training for hiring managers
    • diversity capture surveys
    • candidate research
    • mapping and role benchmarking
    • dual-branded candidate attraction campaigns and more.

    Jazz Chaggar, talent acquisition manager at UK Power Networks, said:

    Morson stood out for its expertise in engineering, power and utilities and their varied services. Through our robust procurement process we were able select a partner that understands our values and will drive initiatives that would create a thriving future.


    Diversity and inclusion isn’t a quick fix, and we want to work with Morson to influence the whole industry. Part of the strategy will be promoting the range of roles available to everyone – people of all backgrounds – to change deep-rooted perspectives and break down long-held barriers about what their careers have to look like. We are keen to see where Morson’s passion for EDI takes us.

    David Lynchehaun, group sales director at Morson Group, said:

    For UK Power Networks to achieve its ambitions, it requires a consultative approach to identify all the things that make it a great place to work – for everyone.


    The business has recognised its need to create a more diverse workforce that will appeal to the communities it works in. That requirement sits in the sweet spot of our expertise; our specialism is tapping into unlocked, and often unidentified, talent pools to source candidates who have a specific set of skills but who might normally be overlooked.

    We believe that diversity of thought promotes innovation by bringing multiple perspectives to discussions and decisions. We are committed to improving the diversity of our company and building inclusive cultures every day and are proud to offer ED&I consultancy services alongside our MSP solution.
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    • Bespoke training for hiring managers
    • Diversity capture surveys
    • Candidate research
    • Mapping and role benchmarking
    • Dual-branded candidate attraction campaigns

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